ARTEMIS: Ouverture

Composer, director, script
Pauchi Sasaki

The screening of OUVERTURE is the opening section of the multi-platform opera ARTEMIS

Video artist and script Katoshi (Juan Carlos Yanaura)
Script Nomi Sasaki
Soprano Ariadne Greif
Voice Dohee Lee
Choir Estefanía Castilla
ViolinJennifer Curtis
Cello Paul Wiancko
Electronics and music production Pauchi Sasaki
Musical Assistant Gabriel Vizcarra Carrasco
Sound postproduction Carlos Cuya

Production Assistant Jorge Narváez

A production by Pauchi Sasaki in co-production with ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro (Italy) and the support of Columbia University’s Institute for Ideas and Imagination in Paris (France).

World premiere

Duration: 10’

ARTEMIS is a multi-platform opera, a crosswise reflection on the female body, metal, technology, and power. The opera’s scope reflects on how femininity is reconfigured in a digital context, placing technology as a liberation mechanism, neutralizing and freeing the body from socially and culturally imposed restrictions and inequalities. This opera is inspired by NASA’s program Artemis, a space mission that will bring the first woman to the moon’s surface in 2024, 55 years later than the first man moon landing.

The Ouverture represents an emerging space where new beings and ideas are coming to life. This inaugural piece is created by using the timeline of the sounds reverberating throughout the outer space as score. The composition’s structure is based on the data collected by LIGO and Virgo observatories. By processing the information of the registered gravitational waves created by the merging of black holes – among other massive events – the piece aims to create a miniature representation of how the universe sounded in a specific period of time. This goal is achieved by organizing 37 detections of gravitational waves, captured throughout 176 days in 2019, into an X-Y chart, resizing and condensing the information into a ten-minute sound composition.

This work fuses distinct sound worlds: from traditional popular music to contemporary chamber sonorities; from improvisation, to experimental, noise, algorithmic music, and live processing. A soundscape in the limit of classical notation and open work format, at once delicate and visceral.