Vie Tracce 2021

waiting to get together again


and Sounds

In autumn 2021, the programming of ERT’s theatres focuses on the presentation of last Season’s shows cancelled due to the pandemic.

VIE Festival can’t take place without theatres, and so it pushes the date with its audience to October 2022. Nevertheless, this autumn it leaves some important traces while waiting to get together again.

Two are the traces to follow, two events signed by international artists, for the first time in Italy: PAUCHI SASAKI and MATÍAS UMPIERREZ.

We’ll plunge ourselves in the acoustic spectrum of the sounds of the universe, we’ll be surrounded by cinematographic images that investigate fiction. In both works, in different ways, by chance or maybe not, the female universe will be central and the woman protagonist.

ARTEMIS: Ouverture

composer and director
Pauchi Sasaki

The screening of OUVERTURE is the opening section of the multi-platform opera ARTEMIS

World premiere
Duration: 10’

Crosswise meditation on the female body, metal, technology, and power, the opera’s scope reflects on how femininity is reconfigured in a digital context, placing technology as a liberation mechanism, where machines and software neutralize and free the body from socially and culturally imposed restrictions and inequalities. This work is the confluence of divergent worlds: from traditional to contemporary chamber music, improvisation, experimental, noise, algorithmic music, and live processing. A soundscape in the limit of classical notation and open work format, at once delicate and visceral.

Museo de la Ficción - I.IMPERIO

video installation performance by
Matías Umpierrez

Italian premiere
Duration: 1h 10’
In Spanish and French with Italian subtitles

IMPERIO (EMPIRE) is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” that takes place in post-dictatorship, nineties Spain.
EMPIRE is starring in the main role of Macbeth by the actress Ángela Molina, and by the renowned Canadian actor and director Robert Lepage that play the original role of Lady Macbeth.